Welcome to my github page. I’m Peter Lawrence aka MegaSphere. Here is a list of things I have created for the public.

GamePadViewer Skins

Tekken Gamepad

default pc/xbox style

SEGA 3-Button Mega Drive/Genesis

3 button Mega Drive

SEGA 6-Button Mega Drive/Genesis

6 button Mega Drive



StepMania Assets

Peters Noteskins


Peters Noteskins (Livestream Assets)

Livestream Assets

Classic Doom


Pride HUD


Pride HUD (wide)

Pride HUD I made and use for charity events that involve playing Classic Doom.

Charity events including #1 #2 #3. #4.

Not Even Remotely Fair


Map pack with all original soundtrack by me designed around the Nightmare! difficulty.

No Rest For The Living MIDI Pack

Video Demostration

No Rest For The Living is an official expansion pack for Doom II which originally had no soundtrack. This MIDI pack is a fan made add-on to add bespoke soundtrack. The project was led by me.

Master Levels for Doom II - 25th Anniversary MIDI Pack

Video Demostration

Master Levels for Doom II is another official expansion pack for Doom II which also had no original soundtrack. This MIDI pack was created by myself, all original music.

Music Tools

MegaSphere CamelCrusher Skin

MegaSphere CamelCrusher Skin

Skin I made for CamelCrusher, knobs made in Blender. Removes useless preset panel.

MIDI practice

MIDI practice Video Demostration

CLI #C app made for yourself practicing getting quick at naming and identifying notes on the keyboard.

Music Links (MegaSphere)